Pharmacy Myths – Yep, myths.

Getting your medications is cheaper through the mail then at a retail pharmacy.
You would be surprised if you think prescription drugs are always cheaper through the mail. This depends on your specific medication regimen and insurance company. Generics are typically the same or less expensive retail. We will review all your meds and let you know the copays during our initial meeting.
Because we interact with you and your medication regimen as a whole, we can make suggestions that could save you significant dollars if it makes sense. We by no means want to dictate your therapy, but rather explain your options so you can make an informed decision. We also have a communication process in place to make any changes seamless with you, your doctor and us.
Universal prescription discount cards are useful.
There are two kinds of pharmacy discount cards. Universal ones often received in the mail and ones for specific medications from the drug manufacturer. If you have insurance, you can’t use the first kind.  At RevolutionMeds, we monitor the second kind of discount card and make sure you are using them to lower your copay.
Pharmacies are a place to buy things.
While this is true, at RevolutionMeds we believe that the pharmacy can be much more.
Our personalized service has a huge impact on patient’s health.  When a patient receives medications through a synchronization/packaging program, they take their meds correctly about 95% of the time verses the national average of 60%.