Meds Synchronized. Delivered to your house.


Introductory Meeting

  • We will review current medications, compare current copays, enroll in available manufacturer discount programs.
  • Then we will contact all your prescribers & current pharmacies to get your active prescriptions. 
  • Next, we synchronize all medications, vitamins and over the counter items for in-home medication delivery.

Ongoing refills

  • A few days before your next medication cycle we contact you to review your current medications and set up your delivery or pick up date.
  • Contact your doctor on an ongoing basis for refills – so you don’t have to.
  • Review entire medication regimen to ensure optimal treatment.

Fill & Deliver Prescriptions!

At Home

The Streamlined Way to Take Your Meds!
  • Each box includes all your daily medications sorted in packets based on the time you take your meds, e.g., morning, afternoon, evening. Each packet is perforated, so you can easily tear it off the medication “roll”
  • Going on vacation? Tear off the week’s meds, lays flat in your suitcase or easily fits in your purse or other carry on.
  • Medication snapshot – One simple document with all current medications. Easy to read. Great to take to all medical appointments so all providers are on the same page.
Your Individual Packets
  1. 1. Tear one packet at a time.
  2. 2. Open to take all medications together. You might need more than one packet depending on your number of pills you are taking.

Medication Snapshot

Keeping it Simple for You and Your Health Care Providers.