Expect a LOT more from your pharmacy…


Medication Overload? Too many trips to the pharmacy?  RevolutionMeds Pharmacy personalized, innovative approach to pharmacy aligns all prescriptions to be refilled on the same day every cycle. Best of all? Medication delivery to your home.
Take Control. Our system is very convenient, helps you take your medications correctly, and allows you to take control of your health!
Holistic. We believe the pharmacy should be your health coach, interacting with the patient as a whole, rather than one prescription at a time.

What makes RevolutionMeds Pharmacy different?

  • Simplifies medication management through synchronization, packaging and coordinating with other medical professionals so you receive streamlined care.
  • Interacts with your health needs more frequently and broadly than primary care practitioners, specialists and hospitals, allowing us to help guide you on ‘the road of health’.
  • Helps you understand your health through your current medication regimen and guides you in real time, e.g., if you get a new diagnosis, change to a medication or had a recent hospitalization.
  • Medication delivery – to your home!

Meet John Jacoub – Owner, Pharmacist

John grew up in Fairfax County and has worked as a pharmacist in the area since 2008. He was privileged enough to work at the best pharmacy in town, Vienna Rexall Drug Center, where he experienced how valuable a pharmacy can be for customers taking multiple medications.
He always felt there was something missing from the typical approach to pharmacy and realized there had to be a better way for a pharmacy to interact with their customers. Which led him to create and build RevolutionMeds pharmacy.
John’s deep faith and love for people is his motivation. His vision for RevolutionMeds Pharmacy is to always show compassion, educate and be a true friend his customers can rely on. He wants to reduce the confusion that comes with medications, with regard to health and insurance. He strongly believes this approach to pharmacy will lead to a meaningful improvement in the health and well being of his customers.

Have a question? Call John Jacoub directly at: 703-272-7040